Aug 15

condo life: the dresser

We recently managed to score this incredible campaign style dresser off of Craigslist for $100. A steal if you ask me! He’s solid wood, has beautiful brass details and has made himself right at home in our bedroom (goodbye Ikea dresser!) Oh, and we named him Tanner, in case you were wondering. A name that is quite suiting for a thing of his stature.

But here within lies the problem. He’s quite orange in person and if there’s one colour I do not like, it’s orange. He needs a bit of help, but after staring at him for the last few days I’m at a complete loss at what to do. They say that, as a designer, the most difficult person to design for is yourself and I couldn’t agree more. I just love each option for their own reason. So, much like the art wall debacle of ’11, I thought I’d leave it up to a vote. You loyal, stylish, wonderful readers you, which do you prefer:
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