Jul 9

scenes from my weekend

sock buns & birthday parties | post-bar poutine | brunch
ceasars on Saturday | lunch with the girls | Sunday in the city

I’ve taken Thursday and Friday off of work this week in order to spend some time with my best friend who has just arrived from Ireland for our friends wedding. Despite the fact that I still have three work days to power through, I’ve found that I’ve already managed to submerge myself into what I refer to as “vacation-mode” where calories and alcoholic intake are of no concern (photos above as evidence). I know I’ve said it nineteen times too many, but I so love summer and all of the glorious things that come along with it. This weekend was a good one – made even better with the excitement surrounding the next few days. I apologize in advance if posting is light this week. There’s a chance I’m off playing with my friends!

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