Jun 19

scenes from my weekend

the wine & spirits festival at sugar beach | father’s day gifts |
snuggling in my moms bed
celebratory dinners at Lemeac | my brothers graduation | family feet

Apologies for not being around yesterday to share my weekend with you, but I was away with my family in celebration of my brothers graduation. While the weekend started off at a slow and leisurely pace, it quickly picked up on Sunday morning when we made our way to Montreal. Making the six-hour drive (one way) to visit a place for just under twenty-four hours is not for the faint of heart, you can rest assured. It was a whirlwind of a trip and now that I’ve returned it doesn’t really feel like I was gone at all. But it was a special one, filled with celebrations and laughter and lots of bubbly wine. Short and sweet, in the best possible way. We’re all so very proud of my little brother (who currently holds a University degree in his hands), and we cannot wait to see what great things he’ll get up to next!

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