Jun 14

Peanut Butter Cookies

I’ve never had the privilege of visiting Miette Bakery in San Fransisco, but based on their incredibly pretty cookbook and this insanely delicious recipe I feel confident when I say it’s a place I’m sure I’d enjoy. I’ve had their cookbook sitting on my shelves for some time now, but this is the first recipe I’ve attempted and I can promise you that it will not be the last. If you’re looking for a soft and chewy cookie, this recipe is not the one. It produces a confection that somehow bridges the gap between dense and crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth. Imagine shortbread and peanut butter colliding (a nice thought, isn’t it?) It results in a divine classic and is by far my favourite peanut butter cookie recipe to date.

::what you’ll need::
.1 1/2 c flour
.1 tsp baking soda
.1/4 tsp salt
.1/2 c unsalted butter
.1/2 c granulated sugar (plus more for dusting)
.1/3 c light brown sugar (packed)
.1/2 tsp vanilla
.1 large egg
.1/2 c + 2 tbsp. creamy peanut butter

::what you’ll do::
.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
.Sift together flour, baking soda and salt
.Beat butter, sugars and vanilla on high for 4-5 mins. (if you have a mixer, use the paddle attachment) until light and fluffy.
.Add the egg and beat just until incorporated
.Add the peanut butter and mix until smooth and uniform
.Add the dry ingredients and mix until just combined
.Roll 1 1/2 tbsp. portions of dough into balls.
.Place them on parchment lined baking sheets 2 inches apart.
.Flatten slightly and use the back of the fork to create the criss-cross pattern
.Sprinkle with granulated sugar
.Bake for 10 minutes (until lightly browned)
.Cool completely on wire racks

recipe adapted from the Miette Bakery cookbook 


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