Jun 4

scenes from my weekend

a cold & rainy few days | around the house
fireworks, in the rain, from our balcony
a wee shopping spree | a lazy sunday

I really don’t have much to report about this particular weekend as I accomplished virtually nothing of significant value. Justin headed to the cottage (golfing with the fam!) and I opted to stay back and get a few things done around here (these things still remain quite un-done, mind you). The weather has taken a SERIOUS turn for the worst (holy freezing and off and on rain!) which prompted me to spend the majority of my time indoors – more often than not, wrapped in blankets, tea in hand. I managed to sneak out on Saturday to treat myself to a mini shopping spree (my summer wardrobe was in dire need of a facelift). And as I write this, I’ve dragged my duvet to the couch and Teletoon retro is on TV (inspector gadget is not quite as exciting as when I was 8, but it’s bringing back some serious memories). It was unquestionably one of those weekends, and I am not complaining one bit. How was yours? I’d love to know!

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