May 23

{belated} scenes from my weekend

white wine sangria & board games | maple bacon ice cream
early mornings at Brickworks | jays games | flowers picked by Justin

For the most part, my rule of thumb is to escape the city whenever a long weekend hits. After a ton of running around the past few weeks, Justin and I decided that we would forgo cottage plans (we did not miss the traffic, let me tell you) and meander the city as we saw fit. Having no concrete plans whatsoever allowed us to host a last minute party (complete with sangria and board games), take in a jays game (which eventually led to a backyard barbeque) and wander the streets in search of ice cream and warm patios. The weather could not have been more perfect and the weekend in it’s entirety ended up being exactly what the doctor ordered.

Psst! You may have noticed a few changes around these here parts. I deemed this blog redesign as cursed months ago and I wasn’t even sure we’d make it here. But with the help of my trusty sidekick (slash designer) Aprile (who pulled serious strings for me. Oh how I love her) we finally made it! There are still a few wonky things and bits that need to be updated (hello sidebar that is still the same as it used to be) but we’re so so close! I hope you like it!

Important: the weblink has changed from to You may want to update your bookmarks if you want to keep up with your daily dose of l&l!

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