May 10

luxury camping


I’m not sure I’d be allowed to call myself a true¬†Canadian if I didn’t enjoy some occasional camping. Something about surrounding yourself with nature, makeupless (and, more often than not, showerless) is extremely invigorating. Good for the soul, if you will.

While I feel the escape does great things for the psyche, I won’t deny that I do enjoy my luxuries. Sleeping on the ground is never something I’ll claim to enjoy and while bacon and eggs taste infinitely better when prepared over an open fire, they also take four times as long to cook (and are usually ingested with dirty fingers. Yum!)

Enter Shelter Co. Not only will they go ahead of time to set up your camp (consisting of an actual bed, 400 count sheets, down duvets, Pendleton blankets and s’more fixins’), but they will also go so far as to prepare your meals and organize your activities, should you so please.

How much fun would this be for a bachelorette party or for your guests after an outdoor wedding? It certainly has my name written all over it.

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