May 7

scenes from my weekend

drinks with the girls | spring in the city | my new bike!
pesto scrambled eggs at Frankly | treats at Bobette & Belle 

Have you ever had one of those insanely productive weekends that, looking back, make you wonder how on earth you managed to squeeze it all in? Well that’s what just happened. The spring cleaning bug has recently hit me (hard) and our place has never looked better. Each cupboard, each drawer, each item has been diligently cleaned, sorted, organized (or tossed) and it feels oh so good. On top of clean fest 2012, I managed to indulge in a serious girls night (including but not limited to dinner, thyme infused beverages, and avocado face masks), visit my grandmother and help celebrate Justin’s moms 50th birthday. The best part? I found a bike! A really cute bike for a mere $45 (his name is Leopold and he marks me officially spring-ready). I would be lying if I said I feel rested; in fact, I may need a weekend from my weekend, but I definitely feel fulfilled.

Ps lark & linen is getting a bit of a facelift of sorts. If things seem a little wonky over the next few days please bear with me! Things are about to get a whole lot prettier over here.

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