Mar 16

lovely & unrelated.

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With the temperature on the rise (it’s supposed to be 21 tomorrow!!),
it’s pretty clear that my spring fever is in full bloom.
Whether it’s fresh tulips beside my bed,
drinks on a patio (that view wouldn’t hurt either),
or a leisurely bike ride on a Sunday afternoon,
I’m really looking forward to all things spring.

In the meantime, here are a few things I’m loving on this week:
a building filled with hammocks
a rainbow hotel
fifteen (fifteen!!) different mac & cheese recipes
the most beautiful line of tiles
an English town I’m just dying to visit
and some “hipster branding” (is it a problem that I love them all?)

Additionally, it’s been a busy few days for lark & linen!
I was featured on The Everygirl
Lauren had some questions about my trip to India last year
and I made it on the “up and coming” bloglovin’ list! Oh happy day!
(of which I’ve since been taken down, but still, Oh happy day!)

Have a wonderful weekend suntots <3

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