Feb 23

Winter Salads

.blood orange over radish, micro greens with shallots,
white pine salt and meyer lemon walnut oil dressing.

.rainbow carrot, ginger salad with cilantro and a maple, lime dressing..asian pear and persimmon salad with celery leaf and blood orange dressing..sautéed hen of the woods with fermented black garlic over
chopped parsley, with a bergamot, lemon and olive oil dressing.


I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been on a serious sugar binge as of late (examples here, here & here). Each afternoon, I find myself craving something sweet and I almost always give in without a second thought. It’s high time I get my act together, if only for my health. While I generally lead a decently well-balanced lifestyle, I will admit that I do not eat (nearly) as many vegetables as I should. I often find salads to be lack-lustre, and almost always leave the table unsatisfied as a result. When I stumbled upon these winter salad ideas, my interest piqued immediately. I love the inventive flavour combinations, and can’t wait to introduce some greens back into my life (without leaving my taste buds in want).

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