Oct 24

scenes from my weekend.

{bins of pumpkins}{finally getting my watch fixed}
{an organized closet}
{late night cacio e pepe}
{sunday brunch with my mom & sister makes almost anything better}

What began as a promising weekend quickly turned south on Saturday night. With Justin headed north to help his grandparents re-do their roof (yes, he’s a keeper), I found myself with the place to myself and no concrete plans in sight. My thoughts included carving pumpkins, thai takeout, a stack of movies and some girl-time. Friday was fun.
Saturday was dedicated to menial tasks like organizing my closet (maybe I colour coded my clothes. maybe.) and finally fixing my watch (after almost a year). It’s amazing how satisfying theses things are (there’s a chance I’m type-A).
In the evening, my girlfriend and I headed out. While driving west on the Lakeshore we got into an accident with a transport truck. Luckily nobody was hurt; unfortunately the car didn’t have the same fate. There’s an estimated thousands in damages, but our lives are in tact. A solid trade-off if you ask me. And although we were left unscathed, I’m overwhelmed with the idea of what-if. The what could have beens. So the moral of this story (and I don’t think we can ever remind ourselves enough) is enjoy every second. All of them. Because really, you never know. Now go hug your neighbour, give your mail-man some cookies and tell your mom you love her. Because I say. And it’s my blog so i’m allowed to be bossy.

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