Oct 13

happiness is…

{the $1 pumpkin currently adorning our dining room table}{boot weather}{the cutest salt and pepper shakers that ever existed}{the first salted caramel hot chocolate of the season}{delicious restaurants that serve jars full of warm cookies for dessert}

Those of you who’ve been around for a while may remember my “100 things” series; a series in which I spent 10 weeks listing 100 simple things that made my days just a little bit brighter. I had so much fun putting it together back then and I knew that I wanted to keep it up in one way or another. Here we are, almost a year later, and I’m back with another rendition. Here are a few simple little things that are currently making me happy. What are some of yours?

ps today is the last day for the giveaway if you haven’t entered yet! I’ll be drawing a winner tomorrow afternoon.
pps if you so please, head on over to the lovely Alexandra’s blog, Avoiding a Quarter-Life Crisis to checkout my interview!

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