Oct 11

scenes from my weekend.

{montreal’s city hall}

{autumn}{bouillon bilk: an incredible food experience}{the prettiest dessert: bourbon jelly, chocolate w.maple bacon & carmalized bananas}{gratuitous self portraits. other people do this, right? *awkward silence*}
{old montreal by night}

We jokingly referred to this past weekend as that time we ate our way through Montreal, and while we weren’t serious at the time, thinking back, it’s pretty accurate.
My mom, aunt, uncle and I headed to Montreal Friday afternoon to visit my brother. You see, he plays basketball for Concordia and always has a tournament Thanksgiving weekend. My mom and I can’t bear the thought of him being alone for Thanksgiving (and he can’t come home due to said tournament), so for the past 3 years we’ve brought Thanksgiving to him (in the form of us, of course. He’s very thankful for us, I’m sure :) ).
In years past we’ve attempted to cook a Turkey in his too tiny kitchen (fail), we’ve had a turkey dinner catered (better, but with paper plates on our laps and a shortage of cutlery in an apartment inhabited by three 22-year-old boys it left us feeling slightly unsatisfied). This year we decided to forgo turkey dinner altogether and splurge on a few delicious meals instead. We celebrated two separate nights (because that’s allowed when you don’t get turkey on thanksgiving – you must make up for it somehow you know). On Saturday night we headed out to Bouillon Bilk where I ingested a couple of the most delicious dishes I think I’ve ever eaten (for real – they were omggood) and on Sunday we headed out to Le Local. Between our heavy, rich, intensely delicious meals (complete with more than one dessert) we spent the rest of the weekend leisurely strolling through the city, stopping for ice cream (it was HOT in Montreal), for plates of pastries (yes, plates) and the like. We justified our indulgences by the fact that we walked mostly everywhere, and the idea that we’ll be eating salad for the next week. Promise.  How was your weekend? I’d love to know!

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