Aug 23

coutume café 47.

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I find myself becoming pickier these days when it comes to showcasing interior spaces on this here ol’ blog of mine. It seems as if the ones I come across aren’t fitting the bill like they used to. I’m not sure if my taste has morphed into some unknown territory, or of I’ve simply become a self-proclaimed design snob. I find myself shunning  perfectly acceptable, beautiful even, spaces simply because the texture of that pillow off in the background is not to my liking. Whatever the cause of this design phase may be, all of it changed when I stumbled upon this specialty coffee roastery. The fact that it’s located in Paris doesn’t hurt its case, I must admit. But what I love about this space is the combination of the traditional elements, the exposed ceiling and existing old shop door, juxtaposed against the sleek glass façade that opens up to the street, allowing its patrons to enjoy those perfectly crisp late summer evenings. I could unarguably spend a good portion of my time in this wonderful little space if given the opportunity.

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