Aug 5

a collection of pretty things.

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It seems as if I’ve had one of those weeks where nothing is working out as it should. Nothing has gone drastically wrong, but things aren’t going all that right either. While I am always an advocate for long weekends, which ultimately lead to short weeks, they always leave me feeling drained at the end as I’ve had to pack five days of work into four. Adding on a faulty fire alarm at our condo (which went off six times in the middle of the night), an inconsistent streetcar system (that has made me borderline late for work too many times this week) and an internet connection at work that seems to like to disconnect the moment before I need to send out a set of drawings to a client, and I’m about ready for this week to end. Instead of going on and on with my woes (which, put into perspective are really not woes at all), please accept this collection of pretty things that are currently making me happy.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!  

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