Jul 21

bits and pieces of ella.

For the next little while I’ll be taking some time to showcase bits and pieces of some of my very favourite bloggers; the ones that I visit daily, without question. These girls are talented beyond belief and I love the idea of sharing a bit about them with the rest of you. Without further ado, here it is:

I’ve only been reading Ella’s blog moleskine for a few months since it’s relatively new, but it has quickly risen to the top of my list of things I read before I begin my day. She posts frequently about art installations, incredible spaces, and anything and everything jaw-dropping. Her posts are always inspiring, beautifully written, artfully put together and more often than not something that I’ve never seen before. I have no doubt in my mind that any and all of you will love it just as much as I do.

And here are some bits and pieces of Ella:
A random fact::
I hate wearing jeans. I live in black and grey dresses as if it’s a uniform. Dresses are so much more comfortable. (No. 2 – Ella made this dress herself!)

Your go-to recipe::
Roast beetroot salad with quinoa, rocket, feta & toasted walnuts but I must admit that I eat out way too much and my kitchen gets a lot of rest time

You can’t live without::
I wish I could say my bike or my sewing machine but in all honesty, it’s my phone. Sad but true

Currently coveting::
Akira beaded neckpiece (No.3) & the Nook sofa by Jardan.

Your daily reads::
There are so many but I make sure I never miss a post from yellowtraceLovenordic Design, White Wood Greybut does it float, of paper and things, b for bonnie and of course, lark + linen. I also love Arch Daily and Inhabitat but they post so frequently, it’s hard to keep up!

On your playlist::
I’m listening to Beirut’s old albums. Word on the street is that they’re releasing a new album later this year. Yay!

Your favourite quote::
An ex-collegue used to say, “When in doubt, think what would the Japanese do?” This mantra was always followed by giggles from the both of us, but in all seriousness, I really admire so many Japanese designers.

On your night stand::
Some of my favorite little luxuries; Jo Malone candle, Mason Pearson hairbrush and Aesop hand cream. Plus a big ugly tissue box. I curse my perpetually sniffly nose!

Your favourite designer::
Current favourite is Tamizo architects (No.4) but it’s really hard to pick just one. I also love Peter Zumthor, John Pawson, Kengo Kuma, Vincent van Duysen and more. Fashion favourite is Akira Isogawa.

In your wishing well::
I’d love to work in New York for a year or two.

Your dream home::
It would be modest in size- just the essentials. It would minimal but still warm. Connection to outdoor spaces and access to natural light would be a must. I’d like to see plenty of texture like herringbone floors, stone walling, exposed timber beams and neutral linens, paired with streamlined, linear details.

Your happy place::
The dance studio. I love dancing. It’s something creative that I can do without taking too seriously. Being surrounded by my wonderful dancing buddies also helps bring on the happy vibes! (No.5)

ps. image No.1 is photographed by Dianna Snape. Not only did Ella’s firm design that space, but she also gets to work there. How amazing is that?

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