Jul 18

scenes from my weekend.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a weekend with virtually no concrete plans. I don’t know about you, but I find that summer comes and goes so fast and it seems as if everyone wants to capitalize on it one way or another. There always seems to be some sort of event to attend, somewhere to be, something to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one bit as we’ve had a ton of fun, but I must admit that it was nice to wake up when our bodies told us we were rested and carry on through the rest of the day with the slow leisurely pace that summer is supposed to bring.

We realized that with all of the going-ons lately, we have not had a moment to ourselves to go out alone and just be. So Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed north. Destination: a “secret”* beach outside of the city.  We brought the necessities: a bottle of prosecco, a red and white blanket, some cous cous salad and Stella. The day was spent in and out of the water in attempts to cool off, taking mini naps on the lawn and teaching each other new card games (something I learned: I am terrible at explaining the rules of a game and it often seems as if I’m adding in new rules throughout to benefit myself. I swear I am not! I simply forgot to tell you that part…) As the afternoon lingered into the evening, we packed up our picnic and headed home. But only because we wanted ice cream.

*We did not do a sufficient amount of research and our “secret” beach ended up being loaded down with cottages and the like.  As a result we may have set up shop on a small patch of grass next to a deserted road. Minor details. It was still wonderful.
And adding to my wishing well: find a real secret beach in which to spend our plan-free summer days from here on out. I’ll keep you posted with how this pans out. There may be picnic test runs in the near future. 


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