Jun 30

Pancake Muffins

As mentioned earlier, last weekend we headed north to go white water rafting. With eighteen of us in total, many of whom were staying in one three bedroom cottage, I knew that access to food needed to be quick and easy unless we wanted to be spending the majority of our time in the kitchen (as opposed to floating on the lake) trying to feed so many mouths. Enter: the pancake muffin. Using this recipe, I whipped these up the day before we headed out. They were an immediate crowd pleaser and they quickly became the perfect little snack to grab throughout the trip. They were moist, maple-syrupy and their name ultimately meant that you could grab one (or two) for breakfast without feeling like it’s wrong to ingest chocolate before 9 am.

Tip: to get all of your muffins equal in size (which not only looks prettier but also ensures that they cook evenly), I recently discovered that if you use an ice cream scoop, you get the perfect amount of batter into each muffin cup. Fancy!

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