Apr 7

condo life: chair crush.

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If you follow me on twitter (which you totally should. we could be bffs), you may have noticed that I mentioned a little something about a big purchase that Justin and I recently made!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a crush on chairs. I know it’s weird, but I’m a designer, and sometimes we’re strange (just wait till you read the rest of this post, then you’ll really judge).From Bertoia to Jacobson, Mies Van der Rohe to Wegner, I definitely don’t discriminate. Each and every one makes me weak in the knees. That being said, to date I have not been in a position to be able to make such an extravagant purchase (hello upwards of $800 each). Until now. With a little persuasion from a co-worker (big purchases are scary), an incredibly crazy deal that was offered to us (seriously, I worry a litle bit that they’re going to arrive in doll-house size or something), and a few pennies saved, we’ve taken the plunge and purchased our dining room chairs.

Please meet our new Eames babies. They have wooden dowel legs and I love them so. They should be arriving on our doorstep in due time, and you bet your buttons they’ll each be getting their own name, and maybe even their own personality (one will definitely be a bachelor named Hank who lives in a loft, has an affinity for making homemade sushi and has a secret love for french documentaries. Obviously). How amazing are they? I want to cuddle them and make little chair babies. Too far? Perhaps. But man, I’m excited!

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