Mar 22

{belated} scenes from my weekend.

images via lark + linen

This weekend was a particularly good one as we have officially moved into our new place! We’ve unpacked and set everything up for the most part, now all we need to do is turn it into a home. I figure some new curtains (coming soon), pretty throw cushions (also on their way) and some much needed artwork on the walls should do the trick. My mom purchased the pretty lilac coloured orchid that made its way into a few of my pictures, and it instantly made our place feel more like home.

We’re currently internet and cableless (which proves to be difficult when trying to blog) so we spend our evenings cooking together and playing guess who with a glass of wine. While it’s been lovely so far (really, living with a boy is kind of awesome), I must admit a part of me looks forward to Thursday when everything gets set up and we can join society once again.

Happy Tuesday loves!


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