Feb 22

scenes from my weekend.

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It slipped my mind that the family day holiday is one that only Ontario (& Alberta) have the privilege of celebrating. You may have been wondering where I disappeared to yesterday. My apologies. You may rest assured that I was enjoying the day bundled up at my cottage with said family.

This weekend was filled with a handful of polar opposites. Between hoping around from province to province (from Toronto, to Pickering, to my cottage and then Montreal and back all over again) we managed to find time to read a stack of magazines, indulge in cups of hot tea and play intense board gamed at the kitchen table. Between lobster and shrimp dinners to midnight pho and piles of general tao chicken (after unsuccessfully driving around Montreal at midnight trying to find a nice restaurant that is both open and willing to fill our bellies). From preparing for a loss as we watched my brother’s basketball team slowly fall behind on Saturday night, only to win with two three pointers and 1.9 seconds to go in the game. Between finding the perfect icy tobogganing hill in order to really make a mark on that sled, to warming up in front of a crackling fire. From the stress of packing and unpacking and repacking some more, we still managed to find some time to sit, to enjoy, and to decompress for all of the things that lay ahead.

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