Jan 27

inspiration: headboardless beds.

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I’ve recently upgraded from a double to a queen bed (you may remember my new mattress: Isodora. Is it weird that I’ve now spoken about her three times? Probably.) With the switch came the need for a new bed frame. My ikea metal frame and headboard has been good to me throughout the years, but I’m happy to say that she is no more. Hoorah! After purchasing this guy (just the frame) to support sweet, sweet Isodora, not to mention the expense of a new mattress, unfortunately a new headboard just isn’t in the cards right now. Originally this idea was a little unsettling but after seeing the lot of these headboardless beds I think I’m finally okay with this! Apparently the trick is a beautiful chair, some wonderful art (books count as art you know) and some fun and funky lamps.

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