Jan 10

scenes from my weekend.

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This weekend began on a Thursday, as I feel most good weekends should. My bearded boyfriend and I headed out for our version of date night: a romantic dinner at Mildred’s Temple; a small splurge every here and there as we try to save. We feasted on gnocchi poutine (omg) paired with wine and the like. It was lovely.

On Friday, knowing we need to get creative with our plans if we want to save money as discussed, I had the brilliant idea to make pasta from scratch before heading out to see a movie. Three and a half hours and four bruised palms later, we sat down to eat at midnight and rented Despicable Me instead. Despite our hunger pains all night, the pasta was unbelievable (thank you J for his serious kneading skills) and the evening was perfect.

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating birthdays of those whom I love. In between episodes of embarrassing reality tv (I don’t even want to admit what I was watching for most of Saturday), I made salted chocolate caramel cupcakes using this recipe for my mom and my best friend. In the evening we headed out to a pool hall (cupcakes in hand, naturally) to toast to my best friends 26th year of life.

On Sunday, after running a few errands like a proper adult (ugh. adulthood), I met my mom, sister and aunt for dinner at our favourite Thai spot in the city. After stuffing ourselves with curries and coconut rice we headed back to my place for tea & cupcakes.

Just a quick Happy Birthday to my Momma. The strongest, wisest, most inspiring woman I will, without a doubt, ever meet.

Here’s to a brand new week you guys! Make the most of it

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