Nov 1

scenes from my weekend.

Friday evening: I came home from work and I took a nap. Yep! It was glorious! This was then followed with a large pizza and a glass of white wine. The evening carried through with glue guns, fuzzy fabric, threads & needles and copper wire as we strung together our Halloween costumes. Clearly we know how to take-down an evening.

Saturday began slowly as we caught up on back episodes of glee and drank cups of tea. When we finally got moving, we went forth and tackled all of our big-girl chores and by the end, it was time to get ready for the evening. We donned our antlers and ensured our tails were securely fastened, we put mustaches on the boys (our hunters) and tied random strings through all of their weapons (so they’d have both hands free to eat candy). Once we were all properly dressed and ready, we headed out to a friends Halloween party where we were greeted by french men, tree huggers, Antoine Dodson, a number of men dressed up as ladies (why do guys love doing this?) and a cactus.

Seeing as the celebration lasted until well into the morning, Sunday was basically a write off. By the time we made ourselves presentable, at the very least, and headed out to brunch (if you can even call it that), it was almost 4:00. After carving our pumpkins (a Jason mask & a frightened Hilda), we watched scary movies and waited for kids to arrive. Yeah. Not even ONE showed up. Not a one!! All I wanted out of my Sunday was to see a giraffe with a stuffed bum, a baby dressed up as a strawberry or a miniature Transformer. But nothing. Is Halloween slowly dying, or do I simply need to switch neighborhoods? If it’s the neighborhood that’s a problem, well I have a solution. Would it be totally creepy if I scoped out a Halloween frenzied area and handed out candy while sitting in a car next year? You’d allow your child to accept candy from a grown lady dressed in a Carebear costume sitting in her boyfriends car, wouldn’t you? Please advise.

Update: I’m not actually going to do that.

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