Oct 22

one hundred things: week III.

Sofia from Sofia’s Journal has a challenge: to come up with One Hundred simple things that make you happy. It seems easy enough, no? I’ve decided to take this challenge and run with it! Every friday for the next few weeks I will present to you a new compilation of ten things that make me happy.To see the rest of the series click here: one hundred things

Week III:

#21. Occasionally sleeping in until ridiculous hours

#22. Purses that are large enough to carry around your life and anything else you could possibly conjure up

#23. Moleskine notebooks. I mean, Hemingway used one, and he knew what was up! The thing makes you feel so fancy.

#24. Cotton candy. Is there anything better than the melt-in-your-mouth sugary-pink goodness? I think not.

#25. Chunk jewelry. It turns a boring ol’ outfit into something classy and fabulous.

#26. The beach. Warm sand. Cool breeze. Salty air. I’m in.

#27. A worn in sweatshirt (even better if you didn’t wear it in yourself) 

#28. Baking! Both fun, and at the end? Very rewarding (assuming all goes as planned, of course)

#29. A good hair day…

#30. …and successfully maintaining a bad one!

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