Sep 27

scenes from my weekend.


After a month-long sugar detox  (of which I only lost 3 of the 6 lbs I was looking to shed. Grumble. Grumble) I celebrated with the most incredible dessert I could think of. Makes good sense, right? Justin and I headed to Le Papillon for french onion soup and pouding chômeur. There are no words. (I take that back, there are a couple: it tasted like the heavens opening, a room full of blue-eyed puppies and sweet, sweet love all melted together, served with a side of vanilla ice cream. Yep. Just like that). It was so good that I didn’t even have the chance to take out my camera before it was gone. I’m sorry. Except I probably did you a favour and saved you from a pound of buttery, sugary goodness. You’re welcome.
The rest of the weekend followed suit with a leisurely Saturday, complete with a new pink umbrella (that says “sh*t it’s raining”, in french), a coffee date (ahem. chai tea latte), and an impromptu Justin Nozuka concert. He wore a very strange-looking tank top that made me feel uncomfortable, but other than that it was a pretty wonderful night. My Sunday began with an extended, long overdue brunch with my lady friends, topped off with both a 65th & a 2nd birthday party (at the same time. that takes skill) and at the end of the evening? A hot tea & my Moleskine as I pretended to watch Justin’s hockey game (they won!). Weekend: you have been conquered, yet again.

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