Sep 20

scenes from my weekend.

Friday night I donned my sparkly top, my prettiest baubles, and headed out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. As the evening ended, we treated ourselves to late night poutine; one of the better life decisions I’ve made. (When you’ve had a couple of drinks, calories don’t count – another one of my life rules). The rest of the weekend happened to be a soup & a movie kind of deal. With a cold trying to sneak up on me, I caught up on episodes of Entourage, watched far too many cheesy TV movies, had many Stella cuddle-fests (the best kind) and drank my weight in tea. I did, however, find a small quantity of productivity on Sunday evening and managed to make homemade granola using this recipe. It’s delicious and I cannot stop snacking on it. This probably isn’t so bad considering the result was FOUR LITRES of granola-y goodness and I need to get through it some how. Seriously though, you should try it. Would you like me to mail some to you? I certainly have enough to go around.

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