Sep 13

scenes from my weekend.

Some fashionably late scenes from our anniversary. As mentioned, the majority of my pictures from the weekend were mistakenly deleted. Le sigh. I may have cried. A bit. Just one tear, really! Most of my pictures from my romantical weekend away, gone. Sniffle. But really, I figure if that’s the worst that happened, I’ve really got nothing to complain about. At all.

It really was an incredible weekend. The mansion was beautiful, in true mansion style. The food? Amazing. The company? Even better. We saw waterfalls, drank entirely too much champagne and slept in way later than necessary. And as a bonus, we didn’t stumble upon any ghosts. After all my worries, in the end this was a little disappointing. Funny how that works.  

As an aside, if you’re ever happen to find yourself in the St. Catherine’s region, visit Wellington Court. The food and wine are both incredible. And look, the chandelier was so pretty! I am a happy girl.

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