Aug 30

scenes from my weekend.

The weekend began with tea & gossip and ended with lobster & brie grilled cheese. Exactly what I needed.

Friday evening, my girlfriends came over to catch up on life, and veg with a movie. I’m not even embarrassed to admit that at 24 years old, we spent our entire evening gossiping and drinking cup after cup of tea. I woke up Saturday feeling blessed to have such amazing, inspiring, hilarious women in my life.

After a late brunch with my roommate & her man friend, I treated myself to a mini shopping spree involving oil & vinegar bottles (how perfect are they! you can find them here), and incredible fall boots. The evening was spent celebrating a friends birthday, soaking up what’s remaining of our summer evenings at a backyard barbecue.

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I took our time both getting out of bed, and getting ready to face the day. I  got out of my pyjamas at precisely 4:30 pm, and only because I was promised that we could stroll through the Distillery District, and that lobster & brie grilled cheese would be involved.

How was your weekend? I’d love to know!

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