Aug 23

scenes from my vacation. part I: Kelowna.

I’m back, and I’ve missed you guys so! I don’t even have the words to properly describe the past couple of weeks. Breathtaking? Amazing? Incredible? They just don’t seem to fit the bill. I’ve taken more photos than I could possibly chose from, so please, prepare to be bombarded with images of mountains, lakes and the like. I’ll be splitting my trip up into three separate days, so stay tuned, if you’re interested!

Our first stop was Kelowna, a city located in Okanagan Valley, wine country of BC. We flew in early on Sunday morning, opened our first bottle upon arriving at the resort, and didn’t stop until, well, yesterday, if I’m being honest. Situated just north of the US border, Kelowna is an extension of the Sonora Desert. The land is an incredible mix of mountains, coniferous forests, and deserts. By far my favourite leg of this trip.

Although our visit was short (three days), we made the most of it. With wine tours and extended lunches overlooking the Okanagan lake at Mission Hill Winery (wow. just wow.), a day trip on a friends boat, and a late night dinner at Quails Gate overlooking the lake (wrapped up in blankets to protect ourselves against the chill of the night, naturally), we left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and definitely, definitely plumper.

{our first peek at the mountains}

{the view from the resorts patio}

{the beach}

{a long, incredible lunch at mission hill}

{mission hill sights}

{a wine tasting… with cheese. mmm. cheese.}

{my boyfriend. his name is Justin & he’s pretty cute.}

{my stepmom. she’s taking advantage of our boat cruise with wine in hand}

{my baby sister. her name is Kelly & she’s loving life.}
{yes, she’s still my baby sister.}

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