Jul 30

Homemade Chai

I’m well aware that it’s still summer, but I can’t help but begin to daydream about the worn leather boots, rich colours, textures and cute scarves that autumn brings. I’m living in the moment and I’m embracing all that summer has to offer, but I’m beginning to get sick of rotating my summer outfits (dang being on a budget). I can’t wait to break out my beloved fall wardrobe, cuddle under a blanket, bake pumpkin pie and cook rich hearty dinners. The thing I’m looking forward to most though? Drinking tea.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my cuppa on a daily basis. But there’s something to be said about holding that warm mug of deliciousness between your chilly fingers. With that in mind, here’s my recipe for a homemade chai tea (it’s so easy guys – you’ll never have to go to Starbucks again. And if I’m going to be frank? It tastes like Christmas!)

Here’s what you’ll need for one pot (but the ingredients can easily be altered to suit a single cup, which I often do):

.2 tablespoon of plain rooibos tea leaves(I get mine from David’s Tea)
.3 medium-sized pieces of candied ginger (or 1 inch of fresh ginger –  sliced)
.6 cloves
.1 cinnamon stick
.5 cardamom pods

And here’s what you do:

.boil your water (tip: use fresh water each time, otherwise your tea may taste stale. Also, only fill your pot with the amount of water you actually plan on using. That way you don’t waste any energy boiling water you’re just going to dump out afterwards)
.put all of your ingredients in a tea infuser and place the infuser in your pot (if you don’t have a tea infuser, simply toss all the ingredients into the pot, and strain the tea with a fine strainer as you’re pouring it into your cup. Sometimes I do it this way anyways  just because the flavours are more pronounced as they’re allowed to circulate  without being confined to the infuser)
.pour the boiling water into your pot
.wait (I generally wrap my pot in a dish towel or tea cozy and let the tea steep for 10 minutes so that it’s nice and strong)
.add honey, milk, and enjoy!

Note: you could just as easily make a chai tea latte by warming some milk in a pot, placing all the ingredients in with it, and stirring it quickly. Again, make sure you strain out all the bits with a fine strainer before enjoying your concoction. (and don’t let the milk boil!)

Additional note: I cannot take full credit for this recipe, for my dear friend Jessica was the one that introduced it to me last summer. I’ve been hooked ever since!

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