Jul 19

scenes from my weekend.

Friday night was pretty uneventful and exactly what I needed. I helped my boyfriend shop and finish up the rest of his packing for his trip this week. When all was said and done, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and a movie, and spent the rest of the evening on the couch; me soaking in the last little bits of him for the week, and him trying desperately to stay awake for me after a busy few days.

Saturday morning he was off bright and early, and I was left to sleep in a little bit (yay!) Late in the morning, I met up with Danielle and we accomplished some of the shopping we needed to get done for her bedroom. We had quite the successful morning and grabbed mostly everything that we needed, some of which was even on sale (booyah!) The rest of the day was spent lounging by the pool, stuffing ourselves with spring rolls and grilled cheese made with brie (not at the same time, naturally. Also, you should know that calories don’t count on Saturdays. New rule.) After popping by my aunt’s place to wish her a happy 50th birthday, I ventured over to my dad’s place where I spent the late evening in bed watching old episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker (and loving every moment of it).

Sunday we were up early and headed up to Muskoka to visit my little sister who’s at camp for two weeks. Instead of joining the activities organized by her camp, we sprung her loose and headed over to a family friends cottage nearby for a swim and a barbeque. These family friends happen to have three Newfoundland dogs. If you’ve never seen one of these before in real life, picture a bear, or a small horse, and that’s more or less the size of these things. They are incredible! I bonded with the smallest of the bunch, Cassie, and we had moments, as you can see. I really wish you could experience these dogs in real life. They are massive. Huge. Ginormous. It took all my will to not hop on to the larger of the three and go for a ride! For real, he probably could have done it.

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