Jul 5


You may have noticed a couple of changes around here over the weekend. Namely, the title of this little blog that seems to have taken over my heart for the moment. Yep, it’s no longer Jacquelyn (hi. That’s me, by the way!). “Jacquelyn” was only temporary until I figured things out a little. Did I forget to mention that? I apologize. It’s now lark + linen. To read a bit more about it and my reasoning behind this thing, click here. I’m thinking that things are a little clearer now, and maybe we’re actually going in a bit of a direction here. Who knows! But please continue to join me on my simple little adventure (or my lark + linen, if you will).

I’ve decided to keep up with my scenes from my weekend for now as I’ve had very positive feedback. Unfortunately I’m a little stretched for time at the moment, but they will be up at some point today, I promise!

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