Jun 25

my apartment.

My roommate and I moved out of our parents nests and into a place of our very own a year and a half ago. In our very first class of our second year of University, we were told to partner up for a semester long group project. I quickly scoured the classroom for someone who looked as if they were somewhat sane (I went to an art school), spotted her from across the room and sheepishly walked up to her like a third grader and asked her to be my friend. Basically. We hit it off immediately and the rest is history! (We also got an A on that project. I’m just saying).

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful roommate who will bake cookies with me at any given moment (literally), and who likes tea almost as much as I do. On occasion, you may mistake us for an elderly couple while we sip our tea and watch The Young and the Restless (earlier this year we also seriously considered taking up knitting – I’m not joking).

With that said, I wanted to share with you another piece of my portfolio (yay!). Our apartment. I lucked out and scored a roommate who’s as passionate about interiors and design as I am. We were (and unfortunately still are, sigh) both on pretty strict budgets and we really had to watch our pennies. We were careful with our purchases, found some incredible deals (our couch was a $250 Craigslist find), and only splurged on the pieces that we just couldn’t live without.

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