Jun 15

father’s day.

Since father’s day is coming up (seriously. end of june. now? what?!), I thought I’d put together a list of fabulous father’s day finds (ha, I know you liked that alliteration. I’m just on today.)

Without further ado, here it is:

A wine bottle holder. It’s art. It holds wine bottles. Win. Win.

found via Greengrassdesign ($160)

Some mustache drinking glasses for his morning orange juice (daddy juice, as my little sister used to call it).

found via BreadAndBadger ($34)

Some amazing dumbbells (that mom won’t mind having displayed in her bedroom) for his work-outs.  

found via Charles & Marie  ($180)

An incredibly attractive glass bird feeder for his yard.

found via Greengrassdesign ($60)

And lastly, a rustic-looking handmade wallet in the softest (yet still manliest) leather.

found via Makr ($80)

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