May 25

birthday wishes.

two of the wonderful men I am surrounded by; my grandpa & my little brother.

I wanted to wish my baby brother a very happy birthday. He turns 22 today – this boggles my mind! When we were little, we had a small case of sibling rivalry. I had a pink Lego mansion, and when he wanted to play, I’d make him be the stable-boy. He was in charge of taking care of the horses and I may or may not have made him sleep in the palm tree. I don’t think he minded, but I just want him to know, that if we ever play Lego mansion again, he can sleep in the house. He can even take the racecar bed if he so choses to.

I Love you James! Happy Birthday. 

ps. this is a more recent picture of my little brother and I. I’m really not that short… he’s just ridiculously tall.

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