May 21


Take a look at the recently opened Pantone Hotel in Brussels. The entire space is saturated in white, with pops of colour here and there. Each room is based on a different colour scheme and upon check-in, you are able to select your room based on your current mood (tranquil, energetic…) How cool is that?!

Apparently the bar menu is Pantone* inspired with drinks such as Pink Champagne, and Daiquiri Green cocktails.  The hotel also provides you with Pantone bicycles that you can borrow to see the city, Pantone coffee mugs, and check out the room key-rings!

all images found via Pantone Hotel & The Lil Bee

*Pantone is a set of standard colours generally used within Graphic Design or Advertising. Each colour has its own series of numbers to ensure that the colour on your monitor matches the colour you actually desire once it is printed.

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