May 17

scenes from my weekend.

My weekends haven’t seemed to disappoint as of late. This one was filled with laughs, friends and so. much. food. Friday evening we gathered at the Royal cinema on College street to see my incredibly talented friends film screening. She’s been working on it for so long and has been through so much and it was incredibly exciting to see her name up on that big screen. I got all giddy and butterfly-like and just wanted to canoodle her and tell her how proud I was of her. Instead, we all went out for a late dinner at La Forchetta and celebrated over duck risotto (totally racking up those risotto calories, let me tell you), and glasses of wine.

The next morning we woke up at the ungodly hour of 9 am (on a Saturday. I didn’t know this hour even existed on a Saturday) to make it to a Model Suite sale hosted by Brad Lamb. We were told that there would be all sorts of designer goodies at up to 65% off. Score! Unfortunately, it was an incredible waste of time as when the doors opened at 10:00 am, everything that was worth anything already had a sold tag on it. Now I’m mad at Brad and his stupid Bentley and all of his accomplishments (note: I am not a morning person). I sent him bad thoughts and evil looks and decided that food would fix it (as per usual). We ventured to an incredible brunch place in Corktown called Morning Glory. Nothing on the menu cost more than $6.50 (apart from the omelets at $8.50, but this was acceptable because they were so light and fluffy and they tasted like angels and love mixed together and sprinkled with cheese – trust me), everything was delicious and it was all served on vintage plates you would probably find in your grandmothers cupboards. I will be going back. Again and again.

After brunch we headed over to Leslieville and did some perusing through some of the antique stores. We stumbled upon a store that I am pretty sure was designed just for me called Flik & Company. If I won the lottery, I would go and clean out the place.

I left with this bad boy for a measly $5.00, while my friend left with an incredible vintage drafting table for $200. If you’re ever in the neighborhood you really should take a look. The staff is so kind and the stuff is incredible.

Sunday, the girls and I got together to do a clothing swap. We each cleared out all of the unwanted clothes from our closet, got together, sorted through it all, took what we wanted from each other, and dropped about 6 tonnes of leftovers off at Goodwill. I scored a handful of really nice things, including a turquoise tunic from Spain! Because of all the hard work and good samaritan-like activities we endured, we treated ourselves to ice cream from Dutch Dreams. The place is always packed, with line-ups out the door and huge papier maché ice cream cones and wooden cows all over the place. There was so much eye stimulation and it was all so very exciting.

Next weekend has a lot to live up to.

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