May 10

scenes from my weekend.

I must say, this was quite the successful weekend.

Friday night a group of us gathered to celebrate the success of our good friends new restaurant, Le Papillon on the Park. Honestly, I’m not just saying this because I’m totally biased, it was incredible. Beyond what I expected. Seriously. Go. Talk to Steph (the tall, dark, handsome one with hair you will probably be jealous of) and get the french onion soup. I left the restaurant with my heart all swollen – I’m so proud of Steph – I’ve been blessed with such incredible friends!

Saturday I humoured my boyfriend by watching the big UFC fight with him and a few friends. Never will I ever understand why someone would voluntarily request to be punched in the face on national television; but it was definitely more entertaining than I was anticipating.

And yesterday? My mom, brother and I celebrated mothers day over shiitake & asparagus risotto, followed by cupcakes from The Designer Cookie, and we finally got to see the Babies documentary! Great success.

found via The Designer Cookie & Mama’s gift

If you’ve never made risotto before, click on the link to the recipe above and try it out. I’ve heard that risotto can be pretty finicky. This is the only one I’ve ever attempted, but it’s delicious and it’s never failed me!

As for the cupcakes, they really were terrific, but I probably wouldn’t go back there. I’m a sucker for detail and the package they came in was something you would find at a local grocery store.   I feel that if you’re calling yourself The Designer anything, everything should be top-notch. I want my $3.50 cupcake to come in a pretty, environmentally friendly package with a cute little ribbon. But I’m kind of a nerd like that.

Note: I even had to put them on a plate for my cupcake photoshoot – that’s how bad the packaging was!

And because it isn’t mothers day without your daughter posting pictures of you with big hair for the world to see; here is a picture of my mother when she was around my age. Look how foxy she is!

<3 you mom.

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