May 10


This morning was one of those whirl-wind mornings where nothing went right (and I should note – it’s only 9:45). I turned my alarm off instead of pushing snooze, I ran out of bobby pins when I tried to put my hair up in a frenzy, and that girl with the attitude on the subway? You know, the one who feels it’s absolutely necessary to push her way to the front of the platform, weasel her way so that she’s standing right in front of you (so that her stray hairs are almost tickling your nose), and once the train comes, decides to get on and then stop right at the entrance because she feels claustrophobic within the train, making everyone have to squish around her to get through the door? Yeah. You know the one. I mumbled something under my breath and then stopped and thought about something that I heard the other day: every second you spend upset is one less second you will have to be happy.

So here I am, choosing happy! But please excuse me while I get my life organized and go out on an office tea run.

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