Aug 3

Currently Coveting: Summer on Nantucket

While everyone in social media land has seemingly moved on to all things fall, I am digging my heels in and I simply refuse to comply. At least, that is, for now… As much as I adore the fall season, I’m still busy over here basking in what’s left of summer. I’m convinced that the secret to surviving a Canadian winter is to soak up as much sunshine as I can while I’m able. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

We just returned from a family beach vacation ourselves (I’m posting about it next week, if that’s your thing!) and the destination couldn’t have been more perfect for my current mood. Think: all things summer in Nantucket. Our trip (what with four young kids in tow) was a much (much) more laid back version of what I’m about to share (read: not nearly as pulled together). But if I could really do it my way, this is the vibe I’d be after. It’s giving all things summer in Nantucket through and through, and it’s filled with all the loveliness one needs to really take advantage of what’s left of the season (in style).

Photos: Julia Berolzheimer



1. Linen Dress | 2. Sunglasses | 3. Leash

4. Sun Hat | 5. Beach Chair | 6. Hair Clips

7. Cardigan | 8. Rattan Basket | 9. Chino Cap

10. Seagrass Glasses | 11. Beach Bag | 12. Beach Bats

13. New Balance Sneakers | 14. Pearl Paper Clip Necklace | 15. Beach Towel



Photos: Julia Berolzheimer


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