Sep 3

Dress Your Tech: Misty Landscape

A free monthly desktop wallpaper brought to you by my incredibly talented friend, Jess Blazejewski. Enjoy!Dress Your Tech: Misty Landscape | lark & linen

Hi friends! It’s Jess from Jess Blazejewski Fine Art, with a new free backdrop for your tech. This wallpaper is from a brushy, abstracted landscape painting I originally did in oils. I love how soothing misty, hazy fields are- and the earthy greens feel like that first hint of fall coming for us right around the corner! If you’d like to add this look to your phone or laptop, simply select your favorite version below & just click the link to download.

Dress Your Tech: Misty Landscape | lark & linenDress Your Tech: Misty Landscape | lark & linenDOWNLOAD YOUR WALLPAPER FOR FREE HERE:




Download wallpaper from months past right here | Copy, Design & Artwork: Jess Blazejewski

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