Mar 20

My Favourite Tools for Getting Organized

Organization Round-Up | lark & linen
Photo: Justin Coit


You guys, there are very few things that thrill me more than organizing. And this time of year, when the days feel longer and you can virtually smell spring on the horizon, the urge to purge and tidy always goes into full overdrive. I’ve been hoarding baskets, jars, and bins like it’s my full time job and I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels. The secret? Being ruthless with what you allow to stay, and then making sure that everything you do keep has a really great home. Baskets, bins, boxes, and closed storage are my very best friend. Following are a few great items I’ve found, and loved, to help all of us keep everything in their rightful homes. Happy Spring, everyone! 

Organization Round-Up | lark & linen

1. Rattan Round Trays | 2. Salt Cellar | 3. Magnetic Gallery Art Rail

4. Sag Harbor Baskets | 5. Jewelry Stand | 6. Glass Canisters

7. Joanna Bookshelf | 8. Leather Travel Tags | 9. Teak Ladder

10. Clutch Organizer | 11. White Metal Boxes | 12. Lazy Susan Pencil Holder

13. La Jolla Basket | 14. Magazine Rack | 15. Leather Travel Jewelry Case

16. Wine Rack | 17. Flip Notepad Set | 18. Fallon Cabinet


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  1. Great organizing tools! There are also all so pretty!! Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  2. So sorry on my last comment I posted a link to someone elses blog on accident….so sorry!

  3. Hannah Cao says:

    Oh I love all of these picks.

    Hannah / Words & Latte

  4. Lori Phillips says:

    Can you please share where the actual closet shelving and glass door cabinets came from? We are in the process of building a cottage and I love the look of this are. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration! What a gift you have!

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