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*Free* Art Printable

0174-JacquelynandJustin-DowntownTorontoWedding-ThopmsonHotel-ColetteCafe-WhenHeFoundHerFineArtWeddingPhotographyPhoto: Will Reid | Calligraphy: Becca Joas

First of all, I wanted to thank you guys for all of your sweet words, comments, emails, dm’s and the like with regards to our wedding. You sure do know how to make a woman feel special! I definitely don’t want to turn my blog into a full blown wedding blog, but I did want to share a quick little free art printable with you guys before I retire all things wedding. We worked with the super talented calligrapher, Becca Joas, to help us transform one of our very favourite Rupi Kaur poems into a work of art that we could frame for our card table. The poem is as follows:

“You may not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant”

We had it printed on deckled edge paper for a more romantic vibe, and framed it in a vintage frame I purchased on Etsy (here!). It now hangs proudly in our dining room as a beautiful reminder of such a special day, and makes me smile every time we pass by. It’s definitely something I know I’ll cherish forever, and whether you use it for your own wedding or not, it’s a beautiful art piece for most any space. Grab the free download, and the steps below!

Note: if you do tackle this bad boy, please share on Instagram using #LarkandLinenDIY – I’d love to take a peek at your results

Our Wedding Decor | lark & linen[break]




8×10″ deckled edge paper
Inkjet printer
Rupi Kaur Poem template, written by Becca Joas Calligraphy
Double-sided foam stickers
11×14″ backing board
11×14″ photo frame
1/2 yard linen fabric


1) Put a sheet of deckled edge paper in your printer.
2) Download the template & print out on the paper (the template is sized for 8.5×11″ paper, you may need to set the printer to fit to scale if your paper is a different size).
3) Iron the linen fabric smooth, and cut it to be 1″ larger than the backing board on all sides.
4) Wrap the linen around the backing board as though you were wrapping a present. Glue on the back side only, making sure the fabric lies smooth and flat on the front side. Let it dry with a large book or other flat heavy item on top.
5) Place a foam sticker on each corner of the poem paper (back side). Peel off the adhesive on the other side of each sticker, and then press the paper onto the center of the linen backing board. This will give a slightly lifted “float mount” effect.
6) Place the mounted poem in the frame, & voila!

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  2. Stephanie says:

    These are so pretty! Do you plan to also do a printable of the other sign?

  3. Wendy D says:

    This is so beautiful – Thanks for sharing. There is a problem with the colors in the download. Could you check it over and re-link?

  4. Marry says:

    Great thanks for this article.

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