Dec 14

Quick Design Tip: How Do You Set a Holiday Table?

how do you set a formal table

For this next post in my series of “quick design tips” I thought it’d be fun to share my simple tips and tricks on how to set a holiday table. I mean, you eat with your eyes, as the saying goes, and I feel like your tablescape plays a big role in setting the entire vibe of your party. But because not all of us are going to go viral on Pinterest on the regular (I’m looking at you, Martha), I recognize that it can all feel a little overwhelming – especially if you’re hosting for the first time like we are. But not to fear – I’ve got you covered. Here is my very best advice for setting a simple, elegant, yet festive, holiday table.

how to set a holiday table

1) Butter knife | 2) Bread plate | 3) Dessert spoon | 4) Dessert fork | 5) Red wine glass
6) White wine glass | 7) Water glass | 8) Salad fork | 9) Dinner fork | 10) Charger
11) Dinner plate | 12) Salad plate | 13) Linen napkin | 14) Dinner knife | 15) Soup Spoon


No. 1: Start with a formal place setting

now’s the time to finally unearth your grandmother’s china

No. 2: Add some candles

because ambient lighting is an essential mood-setting tool.
Bonus points for mixing tea lights with tapered candles

No. 3: Break out the linen napkins

they feel infinitely more special than their paper counterparts

No. 4: Add a little greenery

because a little garland makes even the simplest table feel instantly festive. 
Secret design tip: use leftover clippings from your tree – they’re *free*!



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  2. supal says:

    this is so cute!!

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  4. Wow! Nice post! Love your quick designing tips for setting the holiday table. Definitely will follow you. Thanks!

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