Jan 12

Scenes from my Week

organized bedroom

{I organized every drawer in our house (and man it feels good)}

sources: nightstand | bedding | bed | sconce

I’m not going to lie – this week was a bit of a doozie. After two entire weeks off to do absolutely nothing (seriously – I was in my PJs for 5 days straight at one point) I thought I’d be ready to jump back in with both feet. And while, mentally, the break was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my creativity and help me feel re-inspired, physically I still feel a little spent. The burnout, you guys, is real.

Last year was incredible in so many ways, And I will be forever grateful for every last second. But it was a bit of a shit show (pardon my French) the whole way through. Looking back, it felt like a marathon – one that I was never really on top of, and always trying to play catch up on. I truly didn’t realize the impact it had on my life until I actually stopped. Completely. It wasn’t until a few days into our vacation that I realized just how exhausted I actually was. And I’ve been struggling hard to get back to it, for fear of more of the same.

With a wedding to finish planning this year, a handful of exciting travel plans, and some really beautiful upcoming client projects, I’m incredibly excited about what’s on the horizon, and absolutely do not want to rush through a thing. So with that in mind, I’ve decided that my sole mission this year is to respect time. To slow down, to savour, to honour, and to hold space for quiet and peace. To be much (much) kinder to myself in doing so. This year is going to be filled with a whole lot more fun – a whole lot more lasting memories, and I’d love for you all to join me. 2018 is going to be a good one! I can feel it already.

pink wine bar

{grabbing a glass of wine with a girlfriend}

pretty coffee cup

{post-vacation necessity}

simple fine china
{breaking out my grandmother’s china for dinner with friends}

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best planner {starting a new planner = greatest feeling}

sources: planner | blanket

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  1. Michelle says:

    I love your honest but only ALL OF THE TIME:) I love Emily Ley that your planner is by. I am not sure if you read her story last year of stepping back or reshaping her business to find balance and joy in her life. She is an inspiration. I don’t use her planner but love her journals.

    I also just purchased Power Sheets the 6 month addition by Cultivate What Matters whom suggests to use these sheets to dream and then plan in your Emily Ley planner…I thought you might want to check that out because I just got mine yesterday so I haven’t jumped in too deep yet but from an initial glace it looks like a fun ride of exploration into what we “really, really want” and making that happen in 2018…creating that life of your dreams.

    I am excited to see where you take us this year.

    We all can choose to be kinder to ourselves…so true!

    Here’s to loving who we are right now,

  2. Amy says:

    That wine and wallpaper? I think the whole combo would make the glass of wine even better. This post reminds me: get a planner!!!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Love your blog posts and appreciate your honesty!!!

    I could have written your first paragraph myself and also aspire to taking time to pause and enjoy the moment. Your honesty shows us that although life appears to be more than peaceful and balanced in blog posts and Instagram photos……life can quickly get out of control and demand more of us than we have to give!

    Take care of yourself ;)

    • Oh blogs and instagrams are ALL smoke and mirrors – I will be the first to admit it. It’s a highlight reel – 100% of the time and it gets a little old, doesn’t it? I’ve been missing (and craving) that authenticity and plan to keep it coming this year. Thank you for your kind comment! It’s notes like this that encourage me to keep following my desire open up more and more

  4. I’m with you, on so many accounts. 2017 really did feel like a marathon that would never end. Or, akin to those dreams (or rather, nightmares) where you’re running towards something, but can never quite make it there. So, I agree with you – 2018 is going to be a a great one! One of my goals this year is to feel less guilty when I need to take a break, and being better about when I actually do need a break. We’ve got this!

    • I’ve never heard a better analogy. THOSE DREAMS ARE THE WORST! WHY ARE WE CHOOSING THAT FOR OURSELVES! We are fully in control of all of it, which is the craziest part. But I feel ya on the guilt thing – I find that legitimately blocking off time for myself in my calendar has helped on that front. “Sorry, that day/time doesn’t work for me” is always an acceptable answer. Nobody needs to know you’re busy taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine ;)

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