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How to Cozy Up Your Home for Fall

decorating for fall
The verdict is still out, but I’m fairly confident that I was a bear in a past life. The minute the season shows just the slightest hint of crispness, I instantly crave all of the cozy. If it were up to me, my family, friends and I would go into hibernation in and around this time each year and not emerge until the spring. But since that isn’t possible (though that won’t stop me from trying), instead I like to update our home with little things here and there to reflect the change of seasons. I’ve teamed up with Urban Barn (thanks, Urban Barn!) to help bring this post to life, and am excited to share my tips and tricks to quickly, cheaply, and easily transform your home for fall…

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First and foremost, you’re going to want to tuck away all of your lighter, easier, breezier fabrics for those with a little more oomph. Rich hues, soft textures the likes of velvet and fur are the name of the game here. Throw in a little plaid for bonus points. 

Ruby Velvet Pillow | Blush Velvet Pillow | Plaid Velvet Pillow | Grey Pillow | Fur Pillow

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STEP 2: Introduce Texture


Whether it’s in the form of a beautiful candle holder, a pretty vase filled with cotton branches, or a hint of wood via faux antler paraphernalia (fall embodied, as far as I’m concerned), texture is the name of your game here. It instantly adds a cozy factor that you simply can’t beat.

Antler Candle Holder | Tealight Holder | Vase

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STEP 3: Incorporate a Few Layers


If you do nothing else, at minimum you’re going to want to have a basket filled with blankets at arms reach away. There’s nothing that screams fall more than being snuggled on the couch with the softest blanket you can find, and a really good book.

Ruby Blanket | Grey Blanket | Cotton Blanket

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STEP 4: Infuse a little whimsy


If you can’t have fun with your decor, what’s really the point. Am I right? A few white pumpkins sprinkled throughout, an essential oil diffuser in your favourite fall scent, and a hint of fall paraphernalia (concrete acorn anyone?) go a really long way. 

Concrete Acorn 

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STEP 5: Enjoy


Now that your work is done, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hibernation labour. I recommend enjoying your little nook of cozy with a glass of your favourite red wine 

Wood Tray | Wine Glass | My Sweater

[break]Thank you to Urban Barn for sponsoring this post. All words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. 1. I love that you referred to yourself as a bear in a past life.
    2. I’m obsessed with that stone acorn.
    3. Please come to my house and make it cozy for fall too!

    Kaylee xx

  2. Warm blankets, cozy chairs, fluffy pillows are everything you need for the season of fallen leaves. I absolutely adore the decor elements, the scented candles and pumpkins, it all really falls into place.

  3. Celine says:

    Dear Jacquelyn,
    It is georgous,very warm i like it so much
    Oups the plaid velvet pillow im black when i clic to the reference it is not the one it is a cute squirrel;
    Can you correct the reference it is from the same place from the oyhers pillow
    MANY thanks

  4. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I always regret that I’m so hot natured (or is it cold natured?), that I usually am wearing only a sweater outside except only the coldest Winter days and usually sleep under a sheet with the window open right into Winter. I have some lovely sweaters and coats that I haven’t been able to wear for years. The places where most people are uncomfortable are like Heaven to me.

  5. magdaleenna says:

    what do you think about this site ? 🙂 love your blog !

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