Jun 23

Scenes from my Week

braid bar
You know, I didn’t really realize it until I started putting together my weekly recap, but the theme for this week is unquestionably ‘celebration’. Between Sage’s 1st birthday, my girlfriend’s bridal shower, Father’s day (times two!), an engagement celebration, and my friend’s braid bar (more on that soon), it’s been all of the bubbly all of the time. Naturally, there are zero complaints are to be had on my end. And while I’d typically say something along the lines of I’m looking forward to a low key weekend to recuperate, the next few days are no different. With a dinner at Grey Gardens, a birthday party, and a family reunion on the horizon, I’m strapping on my big girl pants and getting ready to rally. Following is a peek at said week, in photos. Enjoy your weekend, guys <3

{above: the prettiest set up at a friend’s “braid bar”}


{bridal showering the right way}

dog birthday

{I see you judging me}

elegant wedding shower

{The most beautiful bridal shower}

adult loot bag

{my kind of “loot bag”}

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  1. Larisa says:

    What did the give for your loot bag? Also was that from the Bridal Shower?

  2. Barb says:

    Lovely.. what a classy life yu lead Jacqueline

  3. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I’d never judge anyone for celebrating their dog’s (or other pet’s) birthday. They’re with us for so short a time, as it is. We celebrate our wire-haired fox terrier’s birthday. He’s currently nine years old.

  4. Nicole says:

    The bridal shower table is on point. The flower arrangement at your friends braid bar is beautiful. Lovely photos. Happy birthday to your doggy too :-)

  5. I actually can’t wait to celebrate my puppy’s first birthday in November! I would never judge! And, the tablescape is AMAZING.

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