Oct 7

Scenes from my Week

I inherited my grandmother’s fine china a few years ago, while she was still well. Although I was thrilled by the thought, the enormity of this incredible gift never really occurred to me at the time. With little space in our condo, we tucked the boxes safely in my mom’s basement until I had the square footage to reclaim them. Now that we have our own home, and will be hosting Thanksgiving for our first time this weekend, it felt like the right time to unearth them. Sifting through the boxes the other morning, just a few months after my grandmother’s passing, was the most touching experience…  There must be 200 pieces of stunning bone china – the whole collection in its entirety. And while I’m devastated that she won’t be here for this milestone, I cannot wait to give them new life. This feels like one of those moments I’ll remember, and cherish, forever. Enjoy your weekend, friends, and a very happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian counterparts. 

{ABOVE: my grandmother’s china}

room-accessories{sourcing goodies for a client}goldendoodle-puppy{puppy bedhead}

coffee-break{lattes on repeat this week}

tapas-lunch {final design meeting at #JollyAbode before we shoot for the big reveal}


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