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Valentine’s Day Cupcake Toppers

Valentine's Day DIY: cute cupcake topper
When I think of Valentine’s Day, I usually think of curling up on the couch with Netflix, drinking champagne, while snacking on cupcakes. In lieu of a gift, I usually get my boyfriend, fellow cupcake enthusiast, a few of his favorite flavors, and put my own DIY spin on them. We have so many great cupcake places in Seattle (Hello Trophy and Cupcake Royale!) so I never feel the need to make them myself. Instead, I have fun creating Valentine’s Day cupcake toppers, which instantly add a personal touch.

These envelopes are so fun and sweet, and you can add any message you’d like inside. I had to throw in a few of our favorite TV show references, which I made into printables (below). It doesn’t take much to add a little something special to your Valentine’s day. XO – Sugar & Bash

Valentine's Day DIY: cupcake topper Valentine's Day DIY: cupcake topper Valentine's Day DIY Valentine's Day DIY


Your favourite cupcakes
The printable template (download it here)
8.5″ x 11″ paper


1/ Print the envelopes and carefully cut out the pattern.
2/ Next, fold the flaps in and dab with a little glue to hold them together.
3/ Cut out the pre-made cards (or write a little love note yourself) and tuck them in the envelope.
4/ Add on top of your cupcake and enjoy!

Photography, DIY & Stying: Sugar & Bash

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